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CERA Conference and Common Core in Reflection

After attending the CERA (California Educational Research Association) conference, which focused on the Common Core, this past Thursday and Friday, I noticed a significant shift from 6 months ago in educators’ perspectives. The Common Core standards adoption is disrupting districts' current instructional models, and any disruption gives us the opportunity to seize the moment and make improvements.
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Retention can spell failure: Use Let’s Go Learn to support early intervention and literacy

Should 3rd grade students who don't score at grade level on high stakes tests be retained or promoted? Research shows that while retention may have a positive, short term effect, it may also lead to dropping out of school, impede progress in later grades, and contribute to an ongoing cycle of poor academic performance. Promoting students and using Let's Go Learn's online diagnostic reading assessments with intensive intervention provides an effective and research-based solution to the literacy challenges that struggling students face.
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Why Doesn’t my Child Have Phonemic Awareness Skills?

While practicing word play with my son, I became aware that he was lacking some phonemic awareness skills, in particular the ability to segment sounds in a word. The National Reading Panel reports that instructing children in how to hear, identify, and manipulate the individual sounds in language (phonemes) improves their ability to read, comprehend what they are reading, and spell.
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