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Out of Control

It's bad enough that children are increasingly losing control over their personal opinions and insights for the sake of making the right scores on high-stakes tests. It's awful when they become ill over it--when it's not about educating children as much as it is about controlling them.
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The End of Print as We Know It?

As far as reading goes, while I still read books, I now spend copious amounts of time reading material on the Internet - much more than I do reading from the pages of reference books or magazines. It's amazing to me that in fewer than a dozen years of my life, my experience of text has changed so drastically that now much of it happens electronically.
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Resolution for the Year of the Rat

Let us hold on to our promises to kids – for California, to really make this the “Year of Education,” for the U.K. to encourage others to make this the “National Year of Reading” – and stop for a moment and make a resolution to see education as something beyond the books, classroom lessons, and homework assignments – to see the face of real children whose lives affect us and are affected by us. Let’s make this year, perhaps this era, one for the prosperity of our children and youth.
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Response to Intervention: What You Need to Know

Whatever your political leanings may be, you can probably see the argument that NCLB has in many ways been good for low-achieving students. Titles 1 & 3, among others, have channeled funds directly toward students who need help, whether during the day or after school. An outgrowth of the focus on low-achieving kids has been a movement to systematize and structure the types of interventions schools offer for such students. This process has been codified in what is termed "Response to Intervention," or RtI.
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