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Who’s Your Village?

Like my nieces and nephews, many kids in the U.S. are fortunate enough to have "a village" to help raise them - like in the African proverb. But why does it seem so difficult for teachers who are responsible for 15 to 35 kids to get help from their local communities?
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Good Educational Technology: What Does That Mean?

Hardware, software, professional development. All make up what we refer to as educational technology. But is one component more important than another? Is one more often ignored? What does it mean for schools to have "good educational technology"?
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Illiteracy: What if it could kill you?

With all of these philosophies being thrown around today, especially in light of government-influenced educational practices in schools ala NCLB, what is the bottom line? What does it really mean for our kids to be sufficiently "literate"?
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Preschoolers on the Computer

A common question for most parents is, "When is my child old enough?" We wonder when our children are old enough for potty training, for a "big" bed, for any number of first steps. But in a time when technology seems to rule our home lives as well as our work lives, many parents are stopping to ask, "When is my child old enough to use the computer?"
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Reading Rate – The Answer to Good Comprehension?

With the publication of the National Reading Panel's April 2000 report, "The National Reading Panel's Report: Teaching Children to Read," many people have identified the five essential elements of good reading instruction as phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. The last item, fluency, has been an area of particularly strong investigation...
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Reading is NOT a Content Area

Ask a reading teacher, particularly one at the secondary level, to tell you the worst thing a content area teacher can say about reading. You're sure to get the same answer time and time again: "I don't teach reading!" Often such teachers insist that they teach math, science, or social studies, but they certainly don't teach reading. It's time that secondary teachers, in particular, have a change of heart about reading. Reading is not a content area.
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