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D for Missing Assignments

The National Panel for Assessment and Educational Progress, which bills itself as the nation's "report card," recently released the results of its periodic assessment of a sampling of children's reading and math skills around the nation. According to the report card, children seem to be doing significantly better in math and moderately better in reading. However, the report card also shows that the achievement gaps between white children and their Black and Hispanic counterparts have changed very little.
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Balanced Math Instruction?

For years there has been a heated debate in the reading community: phonics instruction or whole language instruction? The surge of back-to-basics instruction has repeatedly conflicted with the views of educators who look at reading within a larger frame of reference. While teachers all seemed to agree that comprehension was the ultimate goal, they openly disagreed on the instructional path to get there. Many reading educators now agree on a "balanced" program of literacy, one that builds foundation skills while simultaneously engaging students with meaningful texts and opening discussions about meaning-making.
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Sooner Is Better: When to Assess

Elementary school teachers in Vail, Colorado have got it right! According to an article in Vail Daily, this year elementary teachers spent the first two days of school administering a one-on-one reading assessment to all of their students.
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Are we teaching the “right stuff?”

Recent studies are showing us two facts. According to a recent study by the Center on Education Policy, math and reading are being taught MORE during the school day in 62% of America’s school districts, often at the expense of other subjects like science, social studies, and the arts. But progress in raising math and reading scores has actually decreased since the passing of No Child Left Behind instead of going up, according to a study published in the Educational Researcher, despite the increased “back-to-the-basics” emphasis. So if we’re teaching more reading and math, why are our students’ test scores not improving? Why are the gaps in achievement not narrowing? Perhaps we’re teaching the wrong things....

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