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Is Email a New Genre of Writing?

If you are reading this article, then undoubtedly you are a person who is using the Internet on a regular basis to gain information for business and personal reasons. Furthermore, you probably use email continually for communications with friends, family, and colleagues. But did you ever stop to think that email may be a new genre of writing? If this is the case, then it probably deserves to be taught in secondary school as an essential writing category. Not doing so could put teenagers and young adults at a disadvantage.
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Redefining the Fundamental Infrastructures of Schools to Reflect Today’s Technologies

Today, the resources that support schools are very different from what they were even 20 years ago. It is probably safe to say that most schools have telephone systems, a computer-based library check-out system, computer labs, Internet access, and much more. Some have moved towards computer-based curriculum management tools and other internal and external web resources. But most of these focus on the logistics of schools and their operations. What we really need are systems to diagnose students in order to move towards the next stage of education: one to one instruction.
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The Myth about “Predictive” Measures

Measures like DIBELS, SRI, or MAPS are the result of schools and districts wanting to predict how their students will do on specific state standardized tests. Will scores go up this year? Will they go down? The companies that publish these tests focus much of their energy on studies that show how scores compare to a "normalized" population, as well as on potentially specific assessments.

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