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Retention can spell failure: Use Let’s Go Learn to support early intervention and literacy

Should 3rd grade students who don't score at grade level on high stakes tests be retained or promoted? Research shows that while retention may have a positive, short term effect, it may also lead to dropping out of school, impede progress in later grades, and contribute to an ongoing cycle of poor academic performance. Promoting students and using Let's Go Learn's online diagnostic reading assessments with intensive intervention provides an effective and research-based solution to the literacy challenges that struggling students face.
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AB 484 and How Let’s Go Learn Can Help You Measure Student Progress Now!

AB 484 is designed to help California prepare for the Common Core by switching out STAR testing for new Common Core assessments: Measures of Academic Performance and Progress (MAPP). But MAPP tests are not ready for prime time and you need data this year to create a classroom that meets individual needs. Not to worry. You can use our diagnostic assessments -- aligned to the Common Core -- this year and next and the year after to prepare your students for the Common Core and measure their academic progress for college and career.
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How can my district prepare for the new Common Core State Standards online test?

Last weekend I presented at the California Math Council conference in Asilomar, California, and a month earlier at the council’s Palms Spring conference. I presented on the technology implications of the new Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) state test. I defined “adaptive assessment” for the audience and discussed the logistics of online testing, and we had a super discussion on the entire topic.
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