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50 Ways to Take the Common out of Common Core

Remember way back when Common Core Standards launched? In 2010, 45 states and D.C. adopted them as their "state" standards.  And remember it was so important to have common standardized assessments that measured these Common Core standards that the federal government granted 360 million to Smarter Balanced and PARCC to develop them? (Note: it did cause some controversy that two sets of assessments were funded rather than a "single" set of assessments. But this was just another irony in a long series of ironies.) By 2012, 28 states chose Smarter Balanced and 24 chose PARCC.

But look where we are now. In a report published by the Education Commission of the States, "50 Ways to Test: A look at state summative assessments in 2014-15," Tonette Salazar presents the following as key facts:

  • 12 states and D.C. are giving PARCC.
  • 18 states are giving Smarter Balanced.
  • 20 states are giving state-created assessments.
  • 2 states are giving a combination of consortia-developed and state-developed assessments.

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