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Blended Learning: Just a Buzz or the Real Thing?

Blended learning has become widely popularized in education circles. Why the recent buzz? We’ve known for a long time that when technology is used in the classroom with traditional instruction, students profit: “A technology-rich school environment motivates students, strengthens their academic and career/technical skills, and helps them relate to the real world” (SRSB Report, 2001). 

Recent technology solutions have raised new interest in blended learning as a combination of online and traditional instruction that will allow us to systematically improve student learning. Michael Horn in a Forbes article on blended learning reports:  “Millions of students and teachers are using the Khan Academy every month to blend their learning in a variety of ways.” Many teachers are using online instruction as homework or personalized learning opportunities that break the constraints of the traditional school day. Classroom time can then be more effectively spent on projects and constructivist learning opportunities. Student-driven instruction thus becomes a viable option on a large scale.

In his article, Horn focuses on blended learning as a necessary evolution in American education: “... Platforms like the Khan Academy will be a critical way for them [teachers] to free up their time so that they can focus on helping students master higher-order skills through projects and rich discussions and playing the role of mentor, facilitator, and tutor—all critical roles that have too often been lost in our factory-model education system that dehumanizes the time that students and teachers spend together.”

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