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Data Literacy & Let’s Go Learn: Key to Student Success

Our co-founders, Richard Capone and Dr. Rick McCallum, started Let’s Go Learn to provide teachers with the data they need to differentiate instruction in math and reading. Why? Data-driven instruction increases teacher effectiveness and student achievement.

A recently published brief for state policy makers from the Data Quality Campaign (DQC) has as its vision the empowerment of administrators, educators, parents, and students through data. Entitled “Teacher Data Literacy: It’s About Time,” the brief outlines the importance of data and recommends ways to promote data use skills and ensure ease of access (2014).  The brief begins with a working definition of data literacy. Briefly, data literacy covers these five points:

o   What to use? Multiple types of data from multiple sources

o   When to use? Continuously

o   How to use? Effectively and ethically

o   Why to use? To access, interpret, act on, and communicate about data to support student success

DQC experts emphasize the importance of data literacy: “Without necessary data use skills, teachers do not have a powerful tool to make the best decisions to improve student achievement.” 

Let’s Go Learn’s products support the DQC vision. We believe that all teachers, parents, and students should have easy access to data that is organized in meaningful real-time reports. As the brief points out: “Teachers should no longer feel like they are drowning in data, or even treading water, but rather that they can skillfully and comfortably use the data available to them.”

Our diagnostic assessments analyze student strengths and weaknesses in reading and math. Our data reporting is real-time so that teachers immediately have access to individual data and group data by sub-skill. Educators can also view a Common Core Standards or state standards report. And they can track and measure progress on sub-skills from assessment to assessment.

To allow educators to align district instructional resources to student strengths and weaknesses, Let’s Go Learn is launching a new teacher tool: LGL Curriculum Alignment Tool (CAT). With CAT, teachers can match what a student needs to what a district has available.

Even without CAT, educators can choose to use LGL Edge online courses or open source products such as Khan Academy videos to differentiate instruction by aligning to student assessment data. Using data effectively ensures that each student gets the appropriate instruction or intervenion for his or her particular needs. Personalized learning becomes possible.

Research demonstrates the power of data-driven instruction: “In addition to state policies that are creating a charge for more and better data use, emerging evidence suggests that when teachers have the training and skills needed to make use of data, they are better positioned to support improved outcomes for students.”

Go to the following link for a fantastic infographic that depicts a model for data usage.

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