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Focusing on What Works in Education: Early Learning & Literacy

Search for education news today and you’ll find a New York Times article about U.S. students and their scores on the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). News media parade the bad news so consistently that you’d think educators have no idea how to boost achievement. But we do. Case in point: Starting literacy education early is unarguably effective. Its long-term effects can include drop out prevention, literacy development, lifelong learning, and attitude toward school. An editorial in The Seattle Times urges that Congress pass the Strong Start for America’s Children Act. The article notes: “Law enforcement leaders, including several from Washington, have become the most vocal supporters of early learning. They note its role as a key strategy in reducing crime and lowering juvenile justice costs.”

Let’s Go Learn leadership has long promoted early learning. The 2008 Early Literacy Report by the National Early Literacy Panel states that phonemic awareness is an "important predictor of later literacy achievement." Our DORA Phonemic Awareness diagnostic assessment helps teachers and parents discover their children’s ability to hear and manipulate sounds within words. The assessment covers these phonemic awareness skills: identifying sounds; adding, deleting, and substituting sounds; categorizing sounds; blending, segmenting, and isolating sounds; and rhyming. Students who need intervention and support can go online and interact with LGL Emergent Reader Edge, which contains 60 lessons that cover phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Let’s focus on what we know works. Early learning and literacy promotes education, health, prosperity, and social harmony. 

For more information on the Strong Start for America’s Children act, we invite you to read the NAEYC’s position

And for a gift that keeps on giving: See Dr. Timothy Shanahan’s list of charities devoted to the gift of literacy.  

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