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Motivating High School Students to Learn:  A Hopeless Attempt?

High school is full of distractions.  The average high school student is involved in something other than school, whether it is sports, clubs, the work force, or numerous social activities.  But even with all of these distractions, high school students are still interested in learning.  The Board on Children Youth and Families released a MetLife survey that found that 89 percent of low-income students selected the survey response “I really want to learn.”  This is especially encouraging news, yet American high schools struggle to improve a 70 percent graduation rate.  

Steve Peha calls for a revolution in American education to address the K-12 drop-out crisis.  By addressing specific student needs and matching them with level-appropriate learning materials, struggling students can become successful.  When students find success in their learning path, they are motivated to continue learning.  Dorit Sasson reminds us that in high school, “more differences in learning styles are becoming more apparent.”  In order to help students reach their full potential, educators need to understand students’ abilities, have the tools to motivate them, and offer engaging ways to keep them learning.

Let’s Go Learn’s family of products offers diagnostic assessment paired with differentiated instruction to help teachers respond to different student needs.  Let’s Go Learn’s EDGE series offers exciting new instructional tools previously unavailable to secondary teachers and students, designed to help bridge the gap in student achievement and ensure that all students achieve proficiency.


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