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Reducing the Summer Slump:  Some Tips and Ideas

by Gretchen McIntosh

Summer is in full swing and my children’s inquisitive little minds are slowly but surely forgetting the mass amounts of knowledge they worked so hard to accumulate this past year in school.  I was able to find some great ideas to help with the “summer slump” and have instituted several of the practices.  Brenda Rindge from the Post and Courier recommends summer camps, visiting the library, taking educational trips, practicing math daily, limiting television and computer time, and previewing what subjects your children will be learning in the next academic year.  However, the short time spent on these enrichment activities does not compare to the exposure and practice that took place during their average school day.

According to Johns Hopkins University Center for Summer Learning, all young people have a loss of learning during the summer months.  Their research found that many students lose up to two months worth of competency in math skills.  James Kim, Assistant Professor of Education at Harvard University, cites similar concerns about loss of reading competency and has found that most summer reading programs offer little help to combat this loss.  In order to improve a child’s reading ability, books need to match the child’s reading level and the child’s comprehension level has to be monitored.  It seems the only way to truly avoid the summer slump is to include in a lazy summer day some extensive, monitored, and challenging practice in reading and mathematics.   

Let’s Go Learn’s instructional systems provide assessment plus differentiated lessons to help children reach their learning goals in reading and math.  Unique Reader and Unique Reader Secondary offer comprehensive reading instruction.  Unique Math and Pre-Algebra Pathways are automated, differentiated math instructional systems.  All of these products are web-based and easy for children to maneuver, and they provide the specialized monitoring needed to help children avoid the summer slump.

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