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Student Growth Objectives & LGL SGO

Richard Capone visited Jersey City last week and trained over 125 teachers to use Let's Go Learn's SGO tool to support Student Growth Objectives (SGOs). Over 75,000 students in Jersey City will use LGL's reading and math diagnostic assessments to help teachers decide on individual student goals.

To comply with the TEACHNJ Act, New Jersey elementary and secondary teachers have just until November 15th to choose valid and reliable assessments, set starting points for each student, write measurable Student Growth Objectives, and get the approval of their principals or supervisors. Let's Go Learn began working  with New Jersey administrators last Spring: "Working directly with New Jersey district administrators, we created a tool to support the SGO process. Used with our online reading and math diagnostic assessments, it's the perfect solution." New Jersey teachers will use Let’s Go Learn solutions throughout the year to allow teachers to make mid-year adjustments and to evaluate student growth at the end of the year.

Student Growth Objectives are often times referred to as Student Learning Objectives. What are they? Scott Marion of the Center for Assessment defined SLOs, as “a general approach (often called Student Growth Objectives) whereby educators establish goals for individual or groups of students (oftenin conjunction with administrators) and then evaluatethe extent to which the goals have been achieved”(Marion, 2012). They serve two key instructional goals: 1) they allow teachers to set student goals at the beginning of the school year by determining individual strengths and weaknesses and 2) they enable teachers to adjust instruction throughout the year based on student learning.

Let's Go Learn's assessments support Common Core standards and state standards by unpacking the standards and breaking them into individual subskills. Using LGL computer adaptive assessments, teachers can quickly and accurately gauge student strengths and weakness in reading and math at a very granular level.

Interested educators can see a short video on how to use LGL SGO on YouTube at:

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