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A Thank You Letter from Bottomup, a South African Education Enrichment Program

Dear Mr. Capone,
Using the Let’s Go Learn online platform was simple and easy.  Margy and her team were very helpful and even gave us an online tutorial on how to use the programme effectively. 
The learners were able to navigate through the test easily, and it was a great bonus that the instructions were given verbally.  This prevented learners from getting answers wrong based on their reading ability.
It was an eye-opener for us and the school we work with to see how many of the learners were below grade level.  There were some that tested 2-4 years below grade level. 
After completing the test, we assigned Grade 3 learners to the math program “10 Monkeys” and Grade 5 and 6 learners to the Khan Academy videos.  We did this for 5 months.
After the 5 months, we were ready to do a post-test with Let’s Go Learn to see how the learners had progressed. While we saw big improvements in Grade 3 learners, the Grade 6 learners’ improvements were only slight.  This test was incredibly helpful as now we could really see whether the intervention was working and also where we could improve.
Whilst Khan Academy is a fantastic programme, we found learners going to find math problems that they had already solved and that were really easy for them to do instead of trying to master the problems they were actually struggling with. 
We are extremely happy that Let’s Go Learn has offered to sponsor accounts to their online math learning platform, LGL Edge.  We will be testing this out with our Grade 5 and 6 learners to investigate if their programme will help our learners to excel.  We think that it will be extremely helpful as the programme explains concepts in a very basic, child-friendly way.  At the end of the year, we will again conduct a Let’s Go Learn test to see progress for the second half of the year. 
Thank you again to Let’s Go Learn for your ongoing support and for allowing us to help learners who could not afford these services.  We hope that this partnership will be a lasting one and that we will see successes through the Edge programme. 
Kind Regards,
The Bottomup Team


  1. Naomi Leonard
    Reply 08/15/14

    I am not surprised by your results. I am a parent who is using the Comprehension reading program to help my grandson who is fourteen and has Autism. I won’t go into our many struggles, but will comment on our experience after just two weeks. He requests LGL and actively applies himself to the lessons. I think he can really see his progress for himself and he asks me to look at the reports of his progress. I have observed him as he works on a lesson. The experience is very positive for him. The reinforcements are calming and effective. We talk about the lessons and he is retaining the new information.
        I also have praise for the reports on the parent/teacher side that I have seen. They make it easy to see what he knows at the start and how much he has improved as he works through the lessons. The reports accurately depict what I have seen for myself as far as his strengths and weaknesses. The programs also have been a valuable stress reliever for both of us.

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