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Community Christian School

Wilson, North Carolina

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Q & A
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Madison Webb
What are the grade levels of the students using Let’s Go Learn programs?
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How many students are working on Let’s Go Learn this school year?
What they have to say...

Our school has just started using Let's Go Learn by implementing DORA in our Special Education Resource Department.  The school's resource department consists of students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.  Our school needed an intense assessment for our Resource Students and decided to implement DORA to help our teachers, students, and parents understand what grade level the students were at and how to move forward in helping them succeed.  Through testing that will occur three times a year, Let's Go Learn will allow us to see the progress of our students with Special Needs.  The programs will be implemented by the Resource Director on a single computer with hopes to test school-wide in the computer lab when funds allow.  We will be using the assessment data to implement strategies in the classroom to help students improve; the data will also be used by the administrators to determine where the holes in our curriculum lie and where we have need for improvement.  Due to the fact that we are a private Christian school, we use DORA to help assess our Resource/Special Needs Students and use the data to provide support for those students.  Community Christian School loves the fact that DORA provides data, a narrative about each student, and interventions and activities to implement to help meet the students’ needs.  We also use the Spanish option to provide information for those students whose families do not speak English.  Overall, we see DORA changing the way we assess and provide support for our students!