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Student-Tutor LLC

Chandler, Arizona

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Q & A
How many sites are using Let’s Go Learn?
We do not have a physical tutoring center (since we meet at the client's home or public library), but we use Let's Go Learn materials throughout the company.
How many teachers/tutors are using Let’s Go Learn?
Our 18 tutors, plus our 2 teachers on staff.
What are the names of the Let’s Go Learn Champion(s) at your site(s)?
Todd VanDuzer and Laura Petersen
What are the grade levels of the students using Let’s Go Learn programs?
Which Let’s Go Learn programs are your students using?

The assessment tests: DORA, DOMA, PreAlgebra, Algebra

How many students are working on Let’s Go Learn this school year?
Over 40 students. Not all of our clients need an assessment test, but it is very helpful to the ones who do.
What they have to say...

We have been using Let's Go Learn for a couple of years now. Our clients have students in grades K-12 and we use the Let's Go Learn assessment tests to help pinpoint areas our tutors need to work to strengthen with the students. The detailed reports allow our tutors to hone in on specific skills that students need reinforcement. This lets our tutoring service be more effective. Our advisors can talk more confidently with parents about what needs to be done and our tutors can tutor more confidently, knowing what key areas need attention. Parents also love seeing the results of the tests because it helps them see where their child needs more help. It also lets them see where their child already has a strength.

Administrators, parents, tutors, and students love that the assessment tests and reports are all online. This is convenient and allows for easy sharing of the report data after the test is completed.