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The Hughes Family

Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Q & A
What are the names of the Let’s Go Learn Champion(s) at your site(s)?
Richard Hughes
What are the grade levels of the students using Let’s Go Learn programs?
3rd Grade
Which Let’s Go Learn programs are your students using?

DORAADAM K-7, and LGL EDGE Series.

How many students are working on Let’s Go Learn this school year?
What they have to say...

As a parent, I have struggled to find a way to provide the best education I can for my daughter.  We tried private school.  While private school was nice, what it did best was to provide a cloistered environment away from the socioeconomic problems that afflict public schools.  What private school did not achieve for me was an adequate emphasis on academics and it came at significant economic expense and the expense of Jada's exposure to the "real world". Given that both my wife and I are both professionals, home schooling is not an option for us.  For us, the socialization with other children and the role model of having two professional parents were things that we valued greatly in Jada's overall education.

Even though we decided that traditional home schooling was not for us, the idea that the parent is a child's first and most important teacher stuck with me.  That is when I decided to search for tools that would help me provide Jada with the differentiated instruction that I felt she should have.  Let's Go Learn provided the solution I was looking for.

When you consider that the school day only lasts 6 hours and that for a class of 24 students, the most individual attention a student could possibly get in a given school day is 15 minutes.  If you also consider that the school day is split amongst various subject matters including math, language arts, science, and social studies, art, music, and physical education.  When you think about it, a teacher  typically has less than 5 minutes a day to help a student with a given subject.  Given the critical and cumulative nature of math and reading skills, it would seem that spending only about an hour a week on these subjects is less than ideal.  Math starts off fairly trivial with really simple concepts that are introduced gently over a long period but then the pace picks up to what can seem a near break-neck speed.  As an example, place value and the number line is taught in first, second, and third grade.  But, by the time you are in the fifth grade, you need to have mastered long division, multi-digit multiplication, fractions, percentages,decimals, negative numbers, and basic number theory.  If you don't get any of these things by 6th grade, math will probably be a struggle for you for the rest of your life.  Being weak in math and reading will limit your options in both college and career.

To address this issue, we use Let's Go Learn to help supplement our daughter's education.  The EDGE series helped Jada go from decoding words to reading for understanding.  The program helped her learn how to quickly identify the author's main point and supporting ideas.  The diagnostic tests helped us focus on the areas in which she needed the most help.  The tests also helped her see her own progress and feel proud of her hard work.  She continues to use the LGL Edge software with the Adam K-7 diagnostic exam.  She really enjoys the songs, and the way the material is presented.  I have used the Singapore Math textbooks with her in the past but she enjoys LGL Edge much more.  The best thing about Let's Go Learn is the differentiated instruction.  The curriculum is tailored to her weaknesses based on her latest assessment.  This has helped make math her favorite subject and has boosted her confidence a great deal.

I recommend Let's Go Learn to anyone who wants to see their child succeed in school.  Jada is a rising third grader and is doing fourth and fifth grade math already.  School now serves as a reinforcement and a review.  As a result, her school work seems, in her words, "easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy".  It really makes me proud that my little girl loves math because it is so easy for her.  It is so easy because of Let's Go Learn. This product is not just for home schoolers.  You really are your child's best teacher. Let's Go Learn makes it easy for time strapped parents to help their children build a strong academic foundation.

The best part about Let's Go Learn is that it is much cheaper than a tutor and private school and it is already aligned to state and local standards.