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Boise, Idaho

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Q & A
What are the names of the Let’s Go Learn Champion(s) at your site(s)?
Adrianne Meldrum
What are the grade levels of the students using Let’s Go Learn programs?
Which Let’s Go Learn programs are your students using?


How many students are working on Let’s Go Learn this school year?
What they have to say...

I have known about Let's Go Learn for quite some time, but I finally took the plunge a month ago and started using ADAM-7.  I am hooked!  The reports that LGL provides have helped me find my starting point with my student.  I look forward to reassessing my student within the next three months to see his growth in math! There are so many good reasons to use LGL, but here are my favorites: 

  1. Positively impacts my tutor business
  2. Makes curriculum planning quicker  
  3. Reporting  
  4. Auto-adjusts difficulty 
  5. Orally reads questions  
  6. Online 
  7. Cost