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Westmont Hilltop School District

Johnstown, Pennsylvania

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Q & A
How many sites are using Let’s Go Learn?
How many teachers/tutors are using Let’s Go Learn?
What are the names of the Let’s Go Learn Champion(s) at your site(s)?
HES- Title 1 Teachers (Buchkovich, Shoff, Shorto), Gifted Enrichment/Rtii Teacher (O'Neil) and Learning Support Teacher (Weeks)
What are the grade levels of the students using Let’s Go Learn programs?
Which Let’s Go Learn programs are your students using?


How many students are working on Let’s Go Learn this school year?
What they have to say...

"We have been using Let’s Go Learn for approximately 5 years.  At Westmont Hilltop Elementary School we oversee grades K through 4th .  The programs have helped us by driving our instruction for our students who need support, providing tutorial support, and providing a progress monitoring tool.  We chose the program because of the home/school connection and the program's ability to help us to identify specific student skill needs. 

We implement Let’s Go Learn with our Title 1 classes, in the computer lab, with small groups and for independent work.   We administer assessments 3 times a year. 

Teachers like that the program provides specific reporting areas.  Kids like it because it is fun and interactive.  It also meets the students at their respective levels, so they feel success. We also use this program as a communication tool for parents since it shows them growth over time."