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Looking for a homeschool assessment for multiple students?

Dear Let's Go Learn, I am a homeschooling parent and mother of 6. Two of my sons are in college, four are homeschooling. My greatest teaching challenge is with my son who I recently had evaluated by a developmental optometrist. Our first appointment for vision therapy is tomorrow and I am currently working on planning the details for how to conduct this year of homeschooling.
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What can I do for a frustrated third grader?

Dear Let's Go Learn, My 8 yr. old daughter is beginning 3rd grade work this year. She continues to have difficulty with reading and reading comprehension. She frequently misreads words, guessing based on the first few letters rather than reading a complete word. She will occasionally read words backwards such as reading, "saw" as "was".
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How can I help my child “catch up?”

Hello, Popular perceptions notwithstanding, rare indeed is the child who "can't read" by fourth grade. While many fourth - graders certainly struggle with fourth-grade level reading material; they still may know a very great deal about reading.
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