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Is it helpful to read aloud to my child every night?

Every exposure to reading and literacy-related activities is always helpful. However, this does not always foster the independence in using good reading strategies and behaviors. You can make reading aloud to your child a more meaningful experience by modifying your nightly read-alouds.
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How can I “hook” my child on reading?

I'm trying to get my child interested in reading. I've bought her all the books I loved as a kid, plus new stories I think would engage her. Unfortunately, she says these books are boring. How can I hook my daughter on reading?
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How do I encourage my child to read chapter books?

My daughter is going into 4th grade this year. She loves to read but does not like chapter books. She wants the pages to have pictures and words. When we go to the library she checks out 40 picture books for the week. I have tried to steer her towards chapter books but she will only read them if she has to. She scored at a 5th grade level on her state test. How do I encourage her to read chapter books? Thank you.
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