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My kindergartener can read Charlotte’s Web.  Will DORA tell me her true reading level?

It's astounding that your daughter seems so advanced in reading for her age. If you know your daughter can comfortably read Charlotte's Web orally (i.e., generally misses less than 5-10 words on a page - varies depending on difficulty of the page), then you know that your daughter is able to decode a book with a reading level approximately between grades 4 to 6 (give or take a grade level depending on who you talk to). However, reading ability, whether it's measured by 'grade level' or some scaled score on standardized tests, is complicated...
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Is there a good phonics program for a four year old?

Dear Let's Go Learn, I am looking for a phonics program to teach to my 4 year old son. I have found a list of phonics programs recommended by the National Right to Read Foundation (, but I am curious if there are any other organizations the can provide independent evaluations of the various phonics programs available on the market. Most phonics programs do not have such evaluations available. Rather, they simply list testimonials from satisfied customers, which is less convincing. Thank you for any suggestions you might have on resources for selecting the best phonics program.
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How young is too young for teaching a child to read?

Let's Go Learn, I have heard about a reading program that would teach a three year old how to read within three weeks. While I am unfamiliar with the program (and can't recall the name), is it really a goal to have a three year old read? I had always felt children should read when they were ready to learn. What is your opinion? While my two year old has a passion for books (he even sleeps with them at night!) he seems to be more then just a year from reading! And that commercial makes me think I need to change my strategy on his reading goals. Thanks.
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