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Could you recommend a phonics program for an almost 4 year old who wants to learn to read?

Hello, Thanks for your email. Here are my thoughts: Some reading specialists would disagree with me but this is what I thinkā€¦ For the most part, phonics programs are incredibly similar. In fact, my staff and I frequently joke with each other, "Phonics is phonics." With that said, the biggest differences, in my opinion, are mainly cosmetic. However, most phonics programs are very expensive and some are hard to follow.
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Any suggestions for a seven year old who is struggling with reading?

Hello Let's Go Learn, My son is 7 years old and is in the second grade. He uses Learning Language Arts Through Literature as his reading program. He does very well in his course work but doesn't seem to transfer what he has learned to other reading material. He is frustrated and thinks he is a bad reader. He wants us to buy him one of the nationally advertised phonics programs so he can read the 24 chapter book like the 7 year old on TV. I can watch his eyes kind of glaze over as he gets lost or frustrated. Any suggestions?
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I need help homeschooling three boys with different reading levels.

Hi Let's Go Learn, I really need some help. We are homeschooling two of our 3 sons. One of our sons is very bright and benefits from a lot of structure and ongoing challenges. I realized that his time needs were distracting me from important help that the other two boys needed. The other two have significant reading delays. They are about in grades 3 and 5 (ages 9 and 11). We are a reading family, treasure good books and do a lot of reading aloud. But so far neither of these two are capable of reading on their own. I own about all the phonics programs out there, and we have daily lessons in phonics and reading, taking it by small steps. I have tried to take a wait and let them mature approach, but now I'm getting concerned, especially for the 5th grader. I'm looking for some direction. I probably should get them tested to determine the specifics of their skills. Thanks.
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Looking for a reading program for multiple children of different ages

Hello Let's Go Learn, I heard about a reading program for four year olds. I have a four year old that I would like to home school, so when she starts public school she could be ahead. I have an eight year old that has reading difficulties and thought if I could start my younger one sooner it would benefit all of us. Thank you for you time and any information you can pass along to me.
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