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Is there an online reading program for adults with reading difficulties?

Let's Go Learn, I really need your help. I am acquainted with a young man who is in his early 40s. He is a very successful businessman. One problem, he cannot read. people who work closely with him know this. i do not believe his employees are aware of this. I would like to know if there is such a program that can help him with his reading and math. even just his reading. one thing is that it has to be on computer. he has one in his office. is there a program that is voice activated? I really would like to help this man progress and at least be able to read some of his correspondence and financial reports? thanking you in advance for all of your help.
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What is a phonemic awareness weakness?

Dear Let's Go Learn, One of your FAQs mentions Phonemic Awareness and the lack some kids may have which leads to poor reading skills. I'm kinda guessing that this is what my daughter has. I have determined that in 1st grade the ears, eyes and mouth were not synchronized to properly read. She looks at a word and then guesses, hoping that it's the right word. Some of her guesses include words that don't have the same letters as the one she is trying to figure out. She doesn't really sound out words, she just likes to guess or will just skip the word and continue reading. She's not a strong speller either, but doesn't always spell with phonics. Her handwriting is poor as well, which leads me to believe she wasn't taught properly in reading, writing or spelling. What resources would you suggest in order for me to help improve her reading ability? She will be a 3rd grader and I feel that if she's not strong in the early skills, she will continue to fall behind and not want to read. I'm homeschooling her and this is very frustrating for both her and me. This will be our first year of homeschooling. Thanks.
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What happens when my child mixes up the sounds he sees and hears?

My son seems to mix up the sounds he sees and hears. Sometimes he sounds words out with the right sounds and then says the wrong word. Once he read the word "stump." He said each one of the sounds, sounding it out. Then when I prompted him to put it all together, he said, "stank." Why does he do that?
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