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Can you help a third grader who is struggling with reading?

Dear Let's Go Learn, My 8 yr. old daughter is beginning 3rd grade work this year. She continues to have difficulty with reading and reading comprehension. She frequently misreads words, guessing based on the first few letters rather than reading a complete word. She will occasionally read words backwards such as reading, "saw" as "was". Her abilities vary from day today. One day she will be reading solidly at grade level and the next day she will have trouble with basic phonics. Reading for her is a chore and she becomes easily frustrated when I ask her to re-read a word or sentence. Can you tell that I am a bit frustrated too? I would appreciate any suggestions that would help me to help her. Thank you.
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What should I do with an advanced Pre-K student?

Dear Let's Go Learn, My daughter will be 5 on Sept. 22 so could not start Kindergarten this year (cut off was Sept. 1). She is very advanced socially, emotionally and intellectually. She spoke over 100 words at 1 year of age; has always spoken very clearly and articulately.
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What happens when reading skills effect other subject areas?

Dear Let's Go Learn - My daughter is seven. (March will be eight) She has such a hard time with reading. We have tried many different programs and different ways to teach her, but still she has trouble. We have gotten readers for level one readers, such as The big bug or Dan is in the pan. They are for K-1st. She really struggles with them. We have now noticed that it is trickling over to her other subjects. What would you recommend doing? Should we drop all other subjects and just do reading until she has a grasp on it? Please help as we are at the end of our rope. Thanks so much for your time.
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How do you teach a four year old reading?

Greetings Let's Go Learn: My wife and I have a four-year-old boy that loves to be read to. He will sit for over an hour, asking for another book to be read as each book is finished. I am thankful that he (and his two year old sister) likes to be read to. The problem I am having is knowing where to go from here. He likes to work with letters and sounds, and has learned some. We never push him to read or practice letters and sounds. He asks to be read to, and then we end up working on letters and sounds while we are reading.
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Looking for help homeschooling a struggling reader.

Hi, I'm an Aussie mum with a son who is struggling to read. I wanted to give you some background and ask you advice. My son is in year four this year. When he began school, he went to a small, private school that had a strong phonics program. He was there for kindergarten and year one. His reading was progressing fine and he was shining in every area he attempted. That school closed and we had to change schools.
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What do I do when my child stops trying to read?

Hello Let's Go Learn, I'm writing because my 7 year old son has been having a hard time reading. He seems to give up on himself. He looks at the words and to me does not even try to sound things out. I would like to find someone to help him. I feel he needs one on one. Please let me know what you think!
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