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How old do you have to be to take DORA?

We recommend users be at least beginning readers. This could be kindergarten or 1st grade depending on your school's curriculum standards. This assessment will not be useful for students who do not yet know their letters and sounds.
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How is DORA different from other reading assessments?

How is DORA different from other reading assessments? A: DORA gives a very detailed account of how the learner is achieving in all areas of reading. Many reading assessments report results as a single reading grade- equivalent level. Knowing that a reader is at a certain grade level is helpful, but more detailed information is better for and more effective in driving effective instruction.
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What are the sub-skills that DORA measures?

DORA tests six individual reading sub-skills. There are many different ways to think about reading instruction, however there is a general industry consensus that each reader must have the ability to 1) sound out words 2) memorize words and 3) understand words and phrases well enough to make contextual guesses about unfamiliar words when necessary and to make sense of the text.
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