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What is RtI?

RtI is the model of intervention that a school district follows when responding to students who are below grade level in their core reading and math abilities.
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My kindergartener can read Charlotte’s Web.  Will DORA tell me her true reading level?

It's astounding that your daughter seems so advanced in reading for her age. If you know your daughter can comfortably read Charlotte's Web orally (i.e., generally misses less than 5-10 words on a page - varies depending on difficulty of the page), then you know that your daughter is able to decode a book with a reading level approximately between grades 4 to 6 (give or take a grade level depending on who you talk to). However, reading ability, whether it's measured by 'grade level' or some scaled score on standardized tests, is complicated...
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Is it “normal” for a 2nd grader to spell words with many missing letters?

It depends on what type of letters is missing. By second grade, children should have good control of the sounds they hear in words and how they are represented by a letter or letter patterns. If the child's spelling attempts of words are "phonetically" correctly (i.e., all the letters appropriately match a specific sound) the child may still be learning the conventions of irregular words or words that she doesn't encounter often. These conventions are still working its way to her long-term memory. It's natural for second graders to still be learning these conventions. However, if the child is missing letters to many sounds that are in words, she may need intervention in accelerating her attention to the discrete sounds in words (or phonemes).
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