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Can both adults and children be assessed for spelling and reading problems?

My daughter is in seventh grade and reading and spelling have always been hard for her. Reading and spelling were always hard for me too and I still don't like reading very much. Should she be assessed or can we both be assessed?

Yes, she or both of you can be assessed. However, reading and spelling are not going to get easier for a seventh grader with out some intervention. (Instruction in reading is part of a school's curriculum through the fourth grade in most states) The first step to intervention is assessment. It will be important to know what her reading strengths and weaknesses are. If she has coped thus far, she is probably strong in some areas and weak in others. As high school and then college approach, she will be expected to complete larger and larger quantities of reading and writing. She may be able to get by but she may feel like there is not enough time in the day to do all the work required. Getting help now will be more effective than later. As for you, adults from every walk of life have difficulty with reading. Studies show that 20-30% of the world's population has weakness in the processing abilities necessary for reading. You may want to think about taking an online assessment; this can give you or anyone the dignity and privacy they may desire. Or you can go a different route and have your daughter and or yourself assessed by a local professional who can explain everything to you if you are not comfortable reading a report that would be generated by an online assessment. If you are interested in improving your own reading level, go for it by all means. I personally have worked with business men, construction workers, moms, grad students and even a few people in their seventies. It is never too late.

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