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Could you recommend a phonics program for an almost 4 year old who wants to learn to read?

Hello, Thanks for your email. Here are my thoughts: Some reading specialists would disagree with me but this is what I think… For the most part, phonics programs are incredibly similar. In fact, my staff and I frequently joke with each other, "Phonics is phonics." With that said, the biggest differences, in my opinion, are mainly cosmetic. However, most phonics programs are very expensive and some are hard to follow. I would suggest finding one that fits your budget, and that you think you can teach then let that be your guide. Here are some more phonics pointers: "Phonemic awareness" is the processing ability that readers use to distinguish one sound from another. This means that "Phonemic awareness" is the processing ability necessary to learn how to sound out words. (phonics) This processing ability has been studied by many scientists and most agree that it fully develops in a child by the age of 6. (Some studies say five; some say six and a few say seven.) That means that a child younger than 5 may not have the ability to "catch-on" to phonics. But not necessarily, phonemic awareness develops early in some kids. In other words, don't be disappointed (or worried) if your child doesn't pick up on phonics or doesn't like working with phonics. The practice can't hurt! smile Happy Reading!

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