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How can I “hook” my child on reading?

I'm trying to get my child interested in reading. I've bought her all the books I loved as a kid, plus new stories I think would engage her. Unfortunately, she says these books are boring. How can I hook my daughter on reading?

Hello, Modeling your own love of reading is one of the most important things you can do to encourage your child to become a reader in his or her own right. Sharing the books you loved is a child can be an important part of that process. You may also want to consider other approaches. Start with your child's interests: Just what does he or she enjoy doing? What subject or topic holds particular fascination for him or her? Include your child in the selection of his or her own reading material when you visit the library or bookstore. You may find that expository books on particular topics - cars, pop-stars, music, dinosaurs, etc. - might be more of a "hook" that stories. That's fine! The important thing is that your child engages in the reading process. A second thing you might want to consider is the reading level of the particular books you and your child select. Children can easily become frustrated by books which too difficult for their current reading skills (often they express this by dismissing a particular book as "boring"). Knowing this, some parents look for the "reading level" often found on the back or inside covers of children's books to match them with their child's grade level. However, that information tells you the book's level - not that of your child's. It is important to find your child's own reading level, which may or may not correspond to his or her grade level. A comprehensive reading assessment, such as Let's Go Learn's DORA, will provide that information.

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