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How do the Homeschool and School versions of DORA differ?

The test are the same, whether given at home or at school. The differences are found in the account managemnet set-up and reporting format. The DORA Homeschool version is aimed at the parent who is either homeschooling their child or the parent who wants to find out in detail how their child is reading. The master account that they set up can accommodate a maximum of 4 children. Each child can still take as many tests as they want and all reports will be stored online; however, only 4 children's records can be stored. With DORA for schools, there is no limit to how many students can be added. There are also additional reports available. In addition to a report for parents, there is a report aligning the student?s performance to state standards and a condensed one-page summary report for teachers. Group organizing tools allow a teacher to sort their students by reading sub-skills. This facilitates grouping students for specific reading lessons in the classroom. Finally, multi-tiered account access is available. If a teacher has a tutor they can grant them access to student records. Likewise, a principal or superintendent can be given access to either school-wide or district-wide data.

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