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How often can I test my children?

I home school my 6 children and I would like to know if I can test them monthly to make sure the curriclum I am using is working. Thank you for your help.

We recommend that one not assess sooner than 8 to 12 weeks with DORA.  The reason being that in some areas it is hard to show growth in that short period of time.  For instance vocabulary and reading comprehension.  In these areas there is a certain margin of error because of the nature of these subtests. So if you test too soon, you either may not show growth or sometimes it could go down when because of testing variability. For instances children's performance with reading comprehenion will vary by topic.  If they like the topic a lot and have good background knowledge about it they may do better.

In practice you probably don't need to administer our assessment as often.  What I would do is run the assessment, look at each child's profile, and then you can probably come up with an informal way of measuring growth.  i.e. download a sight word list if a particular child is still learning sight words, then keep a record of how long it takes him or her to get through it or how far he or she can get through it.  We also have a paper and pencil fluency test that you can download on the "home" tab when you log in. You can use that to check fluency which is how well a child reads aloud.  That is a timed test too so you end up with a number of words read per minute.

Finally another option is for you to add Unique Reader to your account.  It is very affordable for a family.  It gives you great supplemental differentiated instruction.  And the last activity of each lesson is a graded review activity so you'll get a score that is logged.  This is good for progress monitoring as well.
You can check out Unique Reader with this link.

Good luck and thank you for your interest in DORA.

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