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Is there an online reading program for adults with reading difficulties?

Let's Go Learn, I really need your help. I am acquainted with a young man who is in his early 40s. He is a very successful businessman. One problem, he cannot read. people who work closely with him know this. i do not believe his employees are aware of this. I would like to know if there is such a program that can help him with his reading and math. even just his reading. one thing is that it has to be on computer. he has one in his office. is there a program that is voice activated? I really would like to help this man progress and at least be able to read some of his correspondence and financial reports? thanking you in advance for all of your help.

Hello, Thanks for your email. I have worked with a lot of adults with reading issues. One thing to remember is that it is never too late. I have worked with senior citizens. A person who has gone that long with out learning to read most likely has a weakness in what is called phonemic awareness. Phonemic awareness is the ability to distinguish sounds within words, this processing ability is vital in reading development. People with this processing weakness have a hard time learning how to sound out words as a child, this makes beginning reading very very difficult. The first step to reading improvement is assessment. Even if he can't read at all, he probably has strengths and weaknesses in reading processes, these need to be measured to create a way to increase his reading abilities. Let's Go Learn, Inc. offers a full reading assessment on line. If he decides he wants to pursue assessment and would rather have an assessment in person, look for someone in your area who specializes in reading assessment and instruction. Make sure any assessment you choose measures all parts of reading; sounding-out words, memorizing words, spelling, reading in context and vocabulary. Let's Go Learn also has on-line instruction that might offer him a dignified way to work on his reading. However, a student with extremely poor phonemic awareness may wish to boost his phonemic awareness before tackling a self-taught program. As far as voice recognition software, there are lots of packages today. If you want to go this route then I would recommend seeking a specialist who can set him up.  There are specialists who set up computer systems for visually impaired people. If you want to help him improve his reading, I would recommend some intensive one-on-one reading intervention and supplementing it with a computer program. I also want to share with you the thing I found most difficult about working with adult students; reading practice. Think of it like this: if you are taking a night course to learn Spanish, and you work at a job with native Spanish speakers, you will have an easy time practicing. If you did not work at a job with native Spanish speakers, you would have a much harder time practicing, it would not be as easy to learn. In my experience teaching young children how to read, they had to practice because reading tasks came up all day, every day in school. This is not true for adults. Adults with reading problems have constructed their entire lives in a manner that avoids reading at all costs. Therefore, building reading practice into their lives, above and beyond instruction, takes a lot of dedication. Don't let him be too embarrassed to get help. Phonemic awareness issues have absolutely nothing to do with intelligence. Without a doubt, some of the smartest people I have ever met have phonemic awareness weakness. I wish you luck and remember to remind your friend over and over that it is not too late. He can learn to read.

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  1. Richard Capone
    Reply 07/20/14

    Doreen, there are a lot of factors to consider for your situation. Is the actual reading causing you to get sleepy?  In other words, is the mental stain of attempting to read causing you to get sleepy?  Or is there some other psychological issue at play?  You may want to consider discussing your situation with some other specialists to rule out other factors.  When focusing on improving your reading abilities, a multiple measure diagnostic assessment like DORA will give you a baseline of your abilities across multiple sub-skills of reading.  Given that my response is an online response based on a limited amount of information, I want to encourage you to consider meeting with other local specialists who can better advise you.

  2. Doreen Cote
    Reply 07/18/14

    I’m a 49 year old woman that has a difficult time with comprehension and to detail when reading assignments at work.  It’s at the point its interfering with my performance.  The problems I have when reading is I fall asleep or get very sleepy, I interpret things the wrong way, and I hate it.  This is a huge step for me I need to do better at reading and I hope you can offer me some assistance.  I live in Maine and would prefer to go to class or possibly something online.

    Can you help?


  3. Anne-Evan Williams
    Reply 10/19/09

    The first thing I would recommend is an assessment to determine exactly her areas of strength and weakness.  An assessment like DORA would help target areas for focus in a one-on-one environment, and provide instructional suggestions to get you started.  Good luck!!

  4. sanrdra richardson
    Reply 10/18/09

    I need to teach a young woman to read. She is too shy to go to a mixed class. So one on one would be best for her.

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