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Can DORA, ADAM, and DOMA Be Used for Student Growth Objectives?

Can DORA, ADAM, or DOMA be used for Student Growth Objectives (SGO) measurement by teachers, schools or districts?  [Note that these are also called Student Learning Objectives (SLO) or Student Growth Measures (SGM).]

Absolutely, yes!  Here are the reasons:

1) DORA, ADAM, and DOMA are valid and reliable criterion-referenced assessments which measure what a student can or cannot do in multiple sub-tests of math and reading.  Thus, they can determine student starting points and ending points efficiently when used as pre- and post-tests.

2) Each of these assessments measures multiple sub-tests in reading or math, which means they are very granular and cover foundation skills that need to be measured especially for students who are multiple years behind grade level.  For example, if teachers are measured only by state standards assessments, which look at grade-level achievement, then the student who moved from 3 years behind in phonics to 1 year behind would still show up as deficient on the state standards assessment.  So it is good to have an SBO that will identify true starting points (or instructional points) and has the granularity to cover foundation skills.

3) DORA, ADAM, and DOMA are true diagnostic assessments, meaning they are not short screeners.  In general, screens’ scores will vary dramatically by one or two incorrect answers or one or two correctly guessed answers.  DORA, ADAM, and DOMA use adaptive logic to target students’ instructional points and increase diagnostic quality.

4) Results are available instantly and are accessible by teachers to monitor growth as well as for diagnostic use to personalize instruction for their students.

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  1. Momo Karuharu
    Reply 06/01/15

    What is said in 4) is a less detailed brief of which 3) indicates without saying. #FirstComment

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