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What do I do when my child stops trying to read?

Hello Let's Go Learn, I'm writing because my 7 year old son has been having a hard time reading. He seems to give up on himself. He looks at the words and to me does not even try to sound things out. I would like to find someone to help him. I feel he needs one on one. Please let me know what you think!

Hello, Thanks for your email. If he is struggling that much, it sounds like he could benefit from one-on-one intervention. One-on-one instruction definitely makes the biggest impact on reading skills. The kinds of problems you are describing are most likely due to phonemic awareness weakness. Phonemic awareness is a processing ability. This processing ability makes it hard to learn to sound out words. Sounding out words is a huge part of beginning reading. Poor phonemic awareness will also contribute to a poor spelling performance. I am sure this situation is very frustrating for you and your son. I have known master teachers who had been working with beginning readers for years who wanted to pull their hair out because of this kind of difficulty. Twenty years ago, most people thought that phonemic awareness could not be increased. Thankfully, that is not the case anymore. The first step is to get your son's reading ability tested with a full reading assessment. Let's Go Learn offers an on-line reading assessment. If you decide you want to pursue assessment and would rather have an assessment in person, look for someone in your area who specializes in reading assessment and instruction. Make sure any assessment you choose measures all parts of reading; sounding-out words, memorizing words, spelling, reading in context and vocabulary. You are fortunate that you are getting an early start on the issue, a student as young as your son has a great chance of overcoming any weaknesses in a relatively short time. The longer he goes without help, the farther behind he will fall. You are smart to get started right away. I recommend that you collect examples of the reading and spelling mistakes that he makes to bring with you to any proposed reading instructor.

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