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What is the reading instruction option (Unique Reader)?

The reading instruction option, Unique Reader, is an additional feature that can be added to a DORA account. It can be purchased together with the assessment or added on later. It links reading instruction (levels preK-5) with our reading assessment. Once a student finishes an assessment, if they need supplemental instruction in PreK-5 reading skills, our assessment will automatically recommend instruction. The student will be placed within 4 tracks of instruction according to their reading abilities as determined by the results of the assessment. An additional tabbed page to your master account where you will be able to view all of your students or children in this new list. You also have a link on this page to view all the lessons yourself. The parent or teacher can override our recommendation and place the student at an instructional level that they feel is appropriate for the students? needs. The tracks of instruction are: Sight-words (high-frequency words), Phonics, Vocabulary, and Comprehension.

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