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When should you have your child tested?

I have a friend that has a two-year-old son who seems to be exhibiting signs of autism.  She has taken him to a pediatric neurologist.  That doctor thinks he has speech apraxia.  The child has just started speech and developmental therapy through First Steps.  The neurologist wants to see him back in three months.  The mother is very concerned. Should she wait the three months or get further testing?

Thank you for your inquiry.  While I'm not qualified to give recommendations on learning disabilities like autism or speech issues like apraxia, especially for a two-year-old, as a reading specialist and an uncle with an autistic nephew, I know that some times it helps parents to learn as much as they can about what their child can and can't do and how their child learns best.  Since your friend's child is only two years old, three months may not be a long time to wait to get further testing.  However, if getting further testing sooner than later will help your friend feel more prepared to handle the needs of his/her child and if further testing might expedite the services his/her two-year-old might need, if any, then my guess is that it would behoove her to seek further testing sooner, if possible.  If autism is their main concern, I recommend getting further advice from institutions more familiar with autism like the Autism Society of America ( Here's a link to what they have to say about early diagnosis and consultation concerning autism:

Best wishes to you and your friend's family.

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