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Where can I find reading help for both high school students and adults?

My 15 year old is in 9th grade and reads on a 6th grade level also my dad who is 53 reads on a 5th to 6th grade level. I need something to help my child read better and actually get interested in reading and I also need something to help my dad read better and comprehend better so that he can get his GED. I have no idea where to look or where to get started. Could you please give me some ideas or advise on what I need to do to get both of them help. Please remember funds are low so we will be trying to do this at home. Thank you.

Hello, Thanks for your email. Here are my thoughts: The first thing I advise is frequency of instruction. Reading intervention in schools is sometimes administered once or twice a week. This is not enough. For your child and especially your dad, daily instruction is crucial to reading improvement. Adults with reading issues have fashioned their lives around avoiding reading. This means that intensive daily reading instruction is especially important for adults. When I am administering reading instruction, I work with reading students 15 to 20 hours a week, one on one. You may wish to have a reading assessment done for your child and your father, like Let's Go Learn's Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment (DORA). This will tell you exactly which areas of reading are difficult for them. Sometimes people don't realize how complex reading is, there are many skills and cognitive processes involved. This means that your child and your father will likely have some strengths and weaknesses in reading skills. The first step to informed instruction is assessment. A wise old speech pathologist that I worked with used to say, "You can only know where to go if you know where you are." Assessment will also help you monitor your progress over the year.

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