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Why might DORA’s Lexile Level be different for a student than other assessments?

Our silent reading passages were sent to MetaMetrics, and they provided the Lexile scores that DORA returns based on the highest level passage on which the student demontrated mastery.

What is important to remember when comparing a Lexile returned by DORA and a Lexile returned by another assessment, such as SRI, is the type of comprehension test. Comprehension tests are not all the same, and each one is based on a different definition of comprehension. At Let’s Go Learn, we have created a comprehension test that uses longer passages, non-fiction, which is often more difficult to comprehend, and does not include embedded vocabulary, meaning we have excluded that additional confound. SRI uses short passages and embedded vocabulary, so the Lexile returned by this assessment could very well be different. It’s the type of comprehension passage that we’ve used that makes our Lexile levels different.

Also the way in which tests are scored can vary the Lexile score as well.  DORA uses a threshold method for reporting. So the grade level score or Lexile equivalency level is the highest score/level of the most difficult passage that a student read and answered 66% or more of its questions successfully.  Other tests that were specifically designed to measure Lexile may use complex algorithms that takes scores from multiple passages and come up with a Lexile score for a student.

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  1. Anne-Evan Williams
    Reply 04/08/10

    The Lexile Levels for the Comprehension passages were determined by MetaMetrics, who provides, as a service, the Lexile levels for DORA.  Hope this helps!

  2. Kathy
    Reply 04/02/10

    Why does the grade level in the DORA comprehension test differ from the grade level in the Lexile Conversion Chart?  The grade level from the DORA test seems to be higher that the Lexile conversion.

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