The State of Algebra

Our middle-school students are failing math at an alarming rate. Known as "America’s Report Card", the 2011 the National Assessment of Educational Progress report found that only 35% of eighth grade students scored at or above the proficient level for mathematics, which means they will most likely struggle with algebra. A "gateway course," algebra is a critical stepping-stone to a child’s future. Weak algebra skills create a troubling domino effect, including lowering ACT®/SAT* scores, limiting access to colleges and ultimately restricting careers and earning potential, especially in today’s—and tomorrow’s—STEM based global workplace.

Sylvan Learning, in partnership with Let’s Go Learn, is offering a free 21-question Algebra Readiness Check-up to help you determine if your child is ready for the rigors of algebra. Skills in this Check-up were identified based on guidelines from the National Mathematics Advisory Panel as providing the critical foundation for algebra. By assuring the development of these critical skills, you are putting your child on the path to higher-level math success.

Is Your Child Ready?

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