Support your children’s learning all year long!

  • How do you address the unique learning path of each child?
  • How do you measure your children’s progress and adjust your instruction?

That’s where our LGL Online Homeschool Testing Service comes in!

We offer online diagnostic math and reading tests and reports for children in Pre-K through Grade 12.  They’re adaptive, online, and scored automatically.  Instantly, receive your child’s diagnostic and prescriptive reports.

We want to help you meet the challenge!

We know that homeschooling is challenging.  And we know that you want evidence that your child is progressing.

That’s why our reading and math tests:

  • Are valid and reliable
  • Are based on Common Core and State Standards for Kindergarten through Grade 12
  • Find your children’s learning levels regardless of their grade levels
  • Automatically score assessments
  • Automatically report individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Automatically recommend lessons, including Khan Academy videos*

* All Khan Academy content is available for free at Available only for ADAM K-7.

Using the LGL Homeschool Testing Service is easy and cost-effective.  Purchase the assessments you need either individually or in batches for great discounts.  Tests do not expire and will remain in your secure private online account.

1) Your child takes one or more of our online diagnostic tests.
2) The LGL testing system:
  • Automatically diagnoses your child's skills
  • Shows your child's strengths and weaknesses in each skill and subskill through immediate reports
  • Automatically designs a personalized lesson plan to help your child.
3) Your child takes the test again in two or three months or whenever you feel you want to measure growth or make adjustments to your instructional direction.
  • Our system tracks and reports on your child’s progress, updating his or her diagnosis, reports, and lesson plans