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Achievement Network - Anet

Company: Achievement Network, LTD
Assessment: Yes
Grades: 2 to 8
Subject: ELA and Math
Delivery: Online
These interim assessments, in Achievement Network's own words, focus on the Common Core standards that target each grade level. As such, they technically test students' abilities in Common Core standards at or around grade level. They are administered as formative testing, which means that in theory, teachers can test students in standards-based material to see if students have mastered the standards. But these tests are very different from DORA and ADAM, which adapt to students' abilities even if their skill levels are many years above or below grade level. Anet can work in conjunction with Let's Go Learn assessments by providing a quick and easy measurement of standards achievement. This is often necessary for districts that wish to measure how their schools and classes are doing in terms of accountability. But for districts and schools that have many at-risk students, we know that these students are often years below grade-level standards. Therefore, tests like Anet will bottom out. When 50+% of your class is missing 75+% of the grade-level standards, teachers are left not knowing what to do next. In reality, all these "low" students don't fall into a single uniform group. Therefore, more granular data is needed. This can only be provided by genuine diagnostic assessments. Formative testing like Anet is helpful once you've already identified the problem areas and now want to know whether students have responded to your instruction. However, our experience is that most schools are not aware of the problem areas, so leading with Anet or benchmark testing is less effective. As a matter of fact, most schools follow a standards-based pacing guide model of instruction, especially in the area of mathematics, which allows students' gaps to build from around 3rd grade through 8th grade and ultimately leads to a high failure rate in 9th grade mathematics.

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