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Company: ALEKS Corporation
Assessment: yes
Instruction: yes
Grades: 3-12, plus higher education
Subject: Math (also available for science, business, and behavioral science)
Delivery: Online
ALEKS Courses are online, intelligent math instruction systems, available from Basic Math to PreCalculus. Each course is driven by an adaptive assessment, and tailored to meet individual student learning needs, and provides periodic reassessment and the option for the student to communicate with his/her instructor. Instruction is individualized and arranged by course; artificial intelligence adapts the course to each student's level so only topics that the student is ready to learn will be presented precisely when the student is ready to learn them. ALEKS can be implemented as a core curriculum or supplement for use in remediation, intervention, gifted, after-school, and summer school programs.

  1. Daniel
    Reply 07/07/10
    We had initially implemented ALEKS with our Gifted & Talented Program but have expanded its use throughout all levels from grades 3 to 12. This is an exceptional program that provides immediate feedback with adaptive assessments, differentiated instruction, and extensive reporting functionality. Drawbacks include students becoming "bored" and dealing with parents buying into the program. Furthermore, teachers really need to be on top of things and keen on virtually all levels of math in order to effectively deal with entire classrooms of students using ALEKS. However, for highly motivated, dedicated math teachers, ALEKS is a DREAM TOOL!

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