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Carnegie Learning Middle School Math Series

Company: Carnegie Learning
Assessment: assessments integrated into lessons
Instruction: Student workbooks and online lessons
Grades: 6-8
Subject: Math
Delivery: print and online
This is a three-course series. It provides core middle school math instruction, in contrast to the LGL Edge series, which offers supplemental learning for students at various levels of mathematics ability. This series consists of a combination of print workbooks and online lessons; teachers organize students into small groups to engage them in real-world learning activities. While this Carnegie Learning math series claims to present "personalized math instruction," given that it is based on 3 leveled courses with print workbooks, personalization is probably more a marketing buzz word. However, it is likely that the online lessons provide personalized learning for students. In contrast, the LGL Edge series uses true diagnostic assessment to map students' skills mastery and then turns lessons on and off based on the assessment results. However, the LGL Edge series is not a core instructional program, so it will not cover all math topics in grades 6 to 8. Instead, the LGL Edge series is meant as a supplement and is ideal for students who are at-risk and need additional instruction to fill in gaps in their knowledge.

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