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CORE product review

Company: Texas Educational Tools, Inc.
Assessment: yes
Instruction: yes
Grades: K-12
Subject: reading, math, science
Delivery: online, paper
This product is not a diagnostic assessment. CORE is essentially an online system that provides teachers with science and math test items and online activities. It also has passages that teachers can give to students, but there is no reading assessment. Schools that want to give their teachers a library of new resources may want to use CORE. However, unlike DORA and DOMA, CORE does not provide a diagnostic assessment that can diagnose students and provide a prescription. CORE has been developed specifically for certain states. But by focusing only on specific state benchmarks, CORE's assessments are not formative. In addition, CORA concentrates on grade-level benchmarks, which means remedial or advanced students will have instructional zones that are out of the range of the benchmark tests. Finally, in the company's own words, CORE "promotes differentiated instruction". Their website lists differentiated instruction, but this would only be achieved by the teacher who uses the materials individually with students. With diagnostic assessment at the heart of its product lines, Let's Go Learn offers true differentiated instruction in its supplemental online instructional products. CORE is available in these states: FL, GA, IL, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, TX, and VA

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