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Discovery Education Assessment

Company: Discovery Communications
Assessment: yes
Instruction: no
Grades: K-12
Subject: reading and math
Delivery: online or paper tests
Discovery Education Assessments, formerly ThinkLink, offer predictive benchmark tests, designed to mimic each state's annual accountability assessments, and predict how well students will do on those state assessments. High school course-specific assessments are also available, as well as a large bank of test items for creating customized district assessments. These are not diagnostic assessments.

Reports show students performance in benchmark categories which are very general. Only covers the grade level of the student so it does not provide any out-of-grade testing. If schools want to use this to guide differentiated instruction, it would not be sufficient. Nor would it be sufficient to really help a classroom teacher. Teachers would/should already know their students' general strengths or weaknesses so the reports' summative information wouldn't be that helpful. Would be useful as a school wide accountability measure for large districts to monitor how schools are doing and whether they are on target to hit benchmarks.

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