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Eduss review

Company: Educational software solutions
Assessment: Yes
Instruction: Yes
Grades: K-5 math, 1-10 reading
Subject: English, Math, Phonics
Delivery: Local server
The EDUSS system is an instructional solution that used embedded assessment to drive differentiated instruction. A server is installed at the school site and users use standard web-browsers to access the server. In math the product appears stronger than in reading. In math teachers select national standards by which to test students. The system will adapt to students down or up to find their instructional levels. Then it will deliver differentiated instruction. Math instruction covers basic math skills only.

EDUSS covers language arts as opposed to reading. So it will not diagnose students in reading like DORA to find out how they read and what the best instructional approach should be. It will level students in a general reading level. But of course vocabulary is embedded in passages so it won't determine if the issue is comprehension strategies or vocabulary. Nor will it determine if it is a decoding issue either. So the question will remain why is this student reading at an X level. EDUSS does have a separate Phonics section. This will assess students in phonics and then deliver differentiated instruction. This part is good, however, the instruction is out of context meaning it goes over all sounds in drills with little context. For instance it is not telling students about silent e rules so they can figure it out for themselves. Instead it just drills through all short and long vowel examples. Instead this phonic instruction is covered in lessons that the teacher is supposed to perform him or herself in group instruction.

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