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Front Row

Company: Front Row Education Inc.
Assessment: Grade level standards testing
Instruction: Test prep based practice
Grades: K to 8
Subject: Math and ELA
Delivery: Online
Front Row is a more modern version of traditional test prep. Questions are designed to look like the PARCC or SBAC assessments. Students take a pre-test on sections and either test out or are given practice based on the results. But their "instruction" is technically NOT intervention. It is attempting to give students practice problems at their instructional level. The downside of this approach is it is still focused on grade-level assumptions based on standards. But just because a student misses a standard doesn't mean he or she should be taught the standard. If the student is missing foundation skills that are a prerequisite then this approach often fails. It lacks the diagnostic granularity to find the fundamental issue. And as is often the case at urban school districts, students have very diverse abilities that often span multiple grade-levels below their current grade.

  1. Stella Anderson
    Reply 11/28/16
    My school piloted this program and I teach 5th grade math. It is very clean and modern looking. I like the practice it gave with PARCC test formatted questions. But I don't need a year of this. Also it didn't do a good job with my students with lots of gaps. Tended to give them practice problems that were much too difficult for them. I think this program is better for classes that are at or around grade level. Not your typical urban class.

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