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KidBiz and TeenBiz Review

Company: Achieve 3000
Assessment: Yes
Instruction: Yes
Grades: 2-12
Subject: Reading
Delivery: online
Achieve 3000's products are comprehension instructional products focused around providing articles that are leveled to each student's ability. So the idea is that all students will read an article on the same topic. But students with lower reading ability will have a version with a lower readability. The grouping is KidBiz grades 2 to 5. TeenBiz is grades 6 to 12. The computer based program also has other activities organized around these articles. If schools are looking for group instruction centered around articles then this is a great product. For indivdiualized differentiated instruction LGL ELA Edge are more appropriate. LGL ELA Edge address decoding and comprehension instruction where Achieve 3000 assumes decoding has been mastered. LGL ELA Edge also teachers explicit lessons on comprehension strategies at the pace of the student. The assessments included in KidBiz and TeenBiz are a lexile leveler and some progress monitoring assessment. It does not provide diagnostic assessment like with DORA. In an RtI implementation, KidBiz and TeenBiz would only be appropriate for those students who have mastered foundational reading skills at or near their grade levels and now are working on improving comprehension strategies skills. One pitfall to watch for is low Lexile scores do not always mean the student is in need of comprehension strategies instruction. Reading diagnostic data shows that 50% of students at urban school districts at grades 6 or above who are designated as "at-risk" in ELA are often only at-risk because of low vocabulary. So in fact these students are often misdiagnosed as low readers.

  1. hubber sam
    Reply 09/10/17
    This is a great review

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