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Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) Product Review

Company: Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA)
Assessment: Yes
Instruction: Not available from NWEA
Grades: K-12
Subject: Reading, Math
Delivery: Online

Diagnostic assessment in math and reading. Their MAP assessments produce a RIT score in multiple strands of each subject. These are highly accurate when used to measure student growth year over year. Very popular for districts to use as a benchmark test to measure growth during the school year. The focus is on analysis for a school or district, less so on individual student recommendations. DORA and ADAM provide a deeper diagnosis at the individual student level, and answers why the student may be having difficulties. NWEA doesn't provide instruction, but MAP is now linked to instruction available from CompassLearning. See detailed competitive analysis and product evaluation below. This will give you a good side by side comparison of DORA and MAP.

MAP and DORA Comparison Chart

Short video showing two students who took both MAP-m (math) and ADAM. Shows how the data varies and when to use each. View Video

  1. Sara B. in Indiana
    Reply 10/13/17
    I watched the video. I find it quite accurate. Admins sold MAP as a test to help drive personalized learning but it really is a growth measure for the district to measure sites and/or classes. Reports are very generic telling what students "should" start to learn. But is not really detailed or definitive enough for personalized learning. Data for PLC planning is possible. We started using ADAM. So far so good but not using it for all grades yet.
  2. Albert Crosby
    Reply 07/20/16
    Minor point - but important... NWEA has never had a test named MAPS -- It's MAP, as the title of the review states. Doesn't look terribly professional to get the name of a competitor's product wrong.
  3. JR Rex
    Reply 03/22/09
    We used maps. School dropped it because it didn't give us enough diagnostic info. Yes, it was hard to use. Most teachers didn't use it correctly.

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